Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tribeca Treats

This weekend I theoretically took a brief "break" from chocolate dessert hunting to go pumpkin dessert hunting.  In practice, of course, this means that I was going both pumpkin and chocolate dessert hunting, because bakeries typically have both, and I am not a strong man.

pumpkin dessert hunting indeed

Tribeca Treats is a great shop.  It's not too big, but you feel like you have plenty of space to stretch out -- a great place to sit around and hang out.  They have bon bons, cupcakes, brownies, whoopie pies, and more.  After putting in my pumpkin order (cheesecake and whoopie pie), I made my typical move -- ask for the chocolatiest thing they have.  I wound up with a mini brownie and a dark chocolate bon bon covered in milk chocolate.  Both were good, but very sweet.  The non-obsessives in my group were particularly impressed with the brownie.  It did indeed have an excellent fudgey texture.  But I, of course, thought both could've been more chocolatey.

Bottom Line: A great place for a serious pumpkin lover and a casual chocolate appreciator.

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