Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chocolate Bar

Yesterday David and I were in the West Village, so we stopped by the Chocolate Bar.
The Chocolate Bar has long been a favorite of mine for iced hot chocolates. They offer a variety of flavors (mint, spicy, etc.), but I like my iced hot chocolate straight. It's so refreshing, and it goes down smooth and way too fast. It's the perfect beverage for a hot day when you're thirsty from all your intense boutique shopping on Bleecker Street, but you're not hungry enough for actual dessert.
David had never before tried Chocolate Bar's iced hot chocolate, and he enjoyed it as much as I do. We almost fought over which one of us would get to slurp the last dregs of liquid out of the pits in the ice cubes.

We also tried a bittersweet Stencil bar, which was enjoyable, though over-sweetened for our tastes. The sweetness masked too much of the chocolate's intensity, we thought. Said David, "A good bar, if you're a person who's not serious about dark chocolate."

This, obviously, does not describe us.

And we tried Chocolate Bar's 65% cacao truffle, which was pretty on the outside and gooey on the inside. It was nothing to write home about and you don't need to go seeking it out, but certainly if you find yourself in possession of one, you should eat it.

We had a bite of the double chocolate ice cream, which seemed very promising, but it was decided by one of us (hint: not David) that ice cream in addition to an iced hot chocolate might be excessive.

Finally, we bought a Scooter Bar: "flourless chocolate cake with homemade marshmallow and caramel enrobed in dark chocolate." Seriously. The Scooter Bar is currently sitting on my desk, unopened. Due to my extreme self-restraint. Soon I will open it and report back. Stay tuned.

BOTTOM LINE: If you're feeling hot and sweaty, get an iced hot chocolate here and your sweat will evaporate. Or, at the very least, you won't notice it anymore, because you will be too focused on how to suck everything you can out of your cup.

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