Monday, September 24, 2012

Divine 85%

Last Friday I purchased a chocolate bar.  However, because I had just eaten a chocolate ice cream sandwich, I left it at work.  My co-worker Matt placed it on my desk this morning, and we each had a bite.  Okay, many bites.
the fact that i showed sufficient restraint to take this picture before tearing in is a miracle.
Before the massacre

"This is not too sweet for 65%!" I commented.  "Actually, it's 85%, and it's surprisingly sweet," Matt corrected me.  (He, being a Normal Person, meant this as a compliment.)

i don't know, maybe because what else would i buy?
How was I supposed to know it was 85%?
Over the weekend, I forgot that I make really good decisions when I buy chocolate.  This was no exception.  Quite a good bar, and such an easy eat that you might mistake it for 65%!  The taste is uncomplicated -- straight chocolatey.  My favorite flavor for chocolate to be.

Bottom Line: A solid choice for any occasion.

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