Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Crystal Plaza

I recently went to a friend's wedding at the Crystal Plaza, in New Jersey. I'm going to keep this review short because the Crystal Plaza is an event space, not a restaurant, which means you will probably never choose to go there. Either one of your friends will have a wedding or a bar mitzvah here, so you will go. Or no one you know will ever have an event here, so you won't go.

So let me just reassure you: if you DO someday find yourself at the Crystal Plaza, they have an awesome chocolate plate for dessert.

That would be, my friends, chocolate lava cake, chocolate ice cream (presumably dairy-free, since this was a kosher wedding, though it certainly tasted good to me), and a chocolate piece. Every wedding guest got a plate that looked like this. How lucky were we?

Also there was a cake, and I photographed it because it's beautiful. But I didn't eat it. Because it wasn't chocolate.

BOTTOM LINE: An excellent event space for chocolate. If you attend a bat mitzvah here, save room for dessert.

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