Friday, January 18, 2013

Olive's hot chocolate

Olive's is a charming little sandwich store and bakeshop in Soho. It's a small storefront without seating, but they generally have delightful lunch options for takeaway.

I saw a cute, old-fashioned wood sign hanging on the wall that said "hot chocolate," and I was intrigued. Then I saw the listing on the menu for "French hot chocolate," and that sealed the deal. I love French hot chocolate! Maybe I like Italian and Belgian hot chocolates slightly better? But French is really top-notch. David recently got back from Paris, by the way, and soon will have words for you about the wonders of French hot chocolates.

Anyway, I ordered a French hot chocolate from Olive's. Massive disappointment. It was very frothy, which is in a way a nice change from all the hot chocolates I drink that are basically bars of melted chocolate. But it was very not chocolatey. And it was presented to me at a lukewarm temperature. So it was neither particular "hot" nor particularly "chocolate." Really it tasted like slightly warmed frothed milk with a lot of sugar in it.

BOTTOM LINE: Neither the best hot chocolate you can find in Soho, nor the best food you can find at Olive's. Stick to their sandwiches and baked goods.

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