Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Nunu Hot Chocolate

Nunu Chocolates are for sale in many NYC stores, and apparently they have a "flagship store," too, in Fort Greene. But I first tried a Nunu product at the Union Square holiday market.

I think some people go to the holiday market in search of presents for other people. I went in search of hot chocolate. For myself.

The Nunu hot chocolate was a delight: very thick, just the way I like it. The consistency was a little off-- it was lumpy in ways it should not have been. But I'm going to give them a pass on texture because clearly serving pre-made hot chocolates when you're running a stall outside in 30 degree weather is a challenge. The taste was so good that I would definitely order this again from their "flagship store," where I assume the texture issues would be much more easily addressed.

BOTTOM LINE: Another good option for people whose definition of "hot chocolate" is, basically, "a bar of melted chocolate."

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