Friday, December 14, 2012

City Bakery cookies

I like City Bakery a lot. I LOVE their hot chocolate. David does, too. There will be more posts about this. We are City Bakery fans.

Which is why I hate to say this-- but I must. I don't like City Bakery cookies. They are so crispy. A million times more so than Jacques Torres cookies, even. City Bakery cookies get stuck in my teeth. They have a gritty, granular texture.

I know this is to some people's liking, because City Bakery is awesome, and they wouldn't make their cookies this way if people did not like them. But I can't get behind them. I was at a holiday party with a free platter of these cookies, so I ate three of them. But I felt disappointed by every one.

BOTTOM LINE: For crispy cookie-lovers only.

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