Monday, December 3, 2012

Padre Figlio's Chocolate Mousse Cake

I am switching jobs, and as my farewell lunch, my office kindly took me to one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the city, Padre Figlio.  You may notice that this post is fairly similar to the one Leila just posted, except with 100% fewer "Woooo!"s.  Spoilers.

Padre Figlio has an amazing Prix-Fixe lunch deal, so we all indulged.  The entrees were excellent all around, and then we had our choice of desserts.  They have excellent cheesecake, but I opted for the chocolate mousse cake (of course):

Looks, pretty good, right?  Right.  It was pretty good.

It was good.  It had chocolate, mousse, and cake, roughly in that order.  Good order.  The chocolate shavings were really excellent.  And it hit the spot.  But it didn't blow me away.  There are better mousses and mousse cakes.  That said, it was a nice way to wrap up a great meal.

Bottom Line: Go to Padre Figlio for the food and stay for the dessert.  Do not go just for the dessert.

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