Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Desserts On Us Macadamia and Milk Chocolate Laceys

I had never heard of Desserts On Us before, but it seems like laceys are their Thing. Like, they have registered the word "laceys." They also seem to make baklava, but baklava is not chocolate, so I can't say for sure.

Copy from their website: "2009 sofi™ gold winner for Outstanding Cookie! A crisp continental confection with rich smooth chocolate melted between two feather light, toffee-almond wafers."

I don't know what a "continental confection" is, but I can say that these were tasty. They're not really my type of thing, as they're very crispy and chewy and got stuck in my teeth (that's just the nature of toffee), and they weren't really intensely chocolatey (because they have so much going on that's not just chocolate). But I think they'd be a great thing to serve with tea or to guests after a dinner party.

BOTTOM LINE: Excellent for dessert-lovers; not so special for chocolate-lovers.

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