Saturday, December 8, 2012

Devil's Food Chocolate Ice Cream at Blue Marble at the Barclay's Center

I was walking around the Barclay's Center for the first time, and I spotted a Blue Marble among the concession stands (shared with Junior's Cheesecake, a guilty pleasure of mine from which I was able to abstain for the evening).  I went back an hour later, after eating real food, to claim my prize -- devil's food chocolate ice cream.  But they were sold out!  I was despondent.  Sadly walking the Barclay's Center, feeling like a traitor to my beloved Knicks (even though i was there for college basketball rather than the Nets), without even ice cream to console me.

But after dejectedly doing a lap around the arena, I saw someone walking away from Blue Marble with chocolate ice cream!  An outrage!  I stormed up to the front.  Instantly recognizing me, they insufficiently apologetically informed me that more had been made/delivered just after I had left.  They did not know the pain they had caused.

They rang me up for my ice cream.  $8.75!  Another outrage!  But then it was served to me:

It was at least 8 scoops.  Maybe 12.  Thinking about it, $8.75 was a total bargain, on a per-scoop basis.

As for quality, well, you certainly won't find better at a sporting event.  And the quality seemed in line with their home store.  The downside is that Blue Marble is based in Brooklyn, which to me just obviously means that the ice cream is going to have too high of a cream-to-chocolate ratio for my highly unreasonable tastes.  But it's still great chocolate ice cream no matter how you look at it.

Bottom Line:  If you're at Barclay's, get three friends together and go in for one of these.  You'll have plenty of ice cream at a cheap price, and I doubt you'll find anything better at any sporting event any time soon.

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