Sunday, December 23, 2012

GEPA 70%

I get these bars from my family in Europe.  I rarely see them in the US.  It's a pity, because they are great.

I actually had a German friend over at my house, and he brought me some Lindt chocolate (yes, Swiss).  When he saw this bar sitting on my table, he nearly bowed before it, so I guess they know what's up in Germany.  GEPA is apparently extremely socially conscious in addition to being delicious.  In fact, they are (as they say) a "fair trade company."

Anyways, I guess this is just mostly rubbing it in your face that these get delivered to me every few months.  HAHA.  I'll be back soon to be even crueler when I let you know all about my chocolate expedition throughout Europe.  The good news is that if you find me on The Outernet, I can share some chocolate with you.

Bottom Line: If you see this, buy it.

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