Monday, December 3, 2012

Supper's Flourless Chocolate Cake

On Saturday I went to my friend Lisa's bachelorette party. She wore a pink sash that said "bride-to-be" and we all wore pink beaded necklaces and shouted "Woooo!" a lot. I felt like we were in a movie about young women in New York City. Very exciting.

For dinner, we went to Supper. I'd never been before, but I'd been to its sister restaurants, Frank and Lil' Frankie's, both of which I love. Supper followed in its sisters' footsteps of excellence. The caprese salad was so good! The gnocchi, oh my Lord!

Anyway. This is not an entrees blog. This is a chocolate blog. Keep it together, Leila.

The menu was prix fixe, so my friend Leslie and I tried to guess what the dessert would be, based solely on the main courses we'd been given. I guessed flourless chocolate cake. She guessed tiramisu. We were both right.

That third thing was a hazelnut something. Creamy. Very good, considering that it wasn't chocolate.

Let me level with you: the flourless chocolate cake on this plate was not good. It was room temperature and dry. I wouldn't have known it was flourless if the waiter hadn't told me. It didn't have that appropriate fudgy quality.

That said, I would give this place the benefit of the doubt. Here is why:

1) I was overly full of gnocchi and caprese salad and lemon-parmeasan pasta and so on, so it's possible nothing would have tasted delicious to me at that point.

2) It's hard to create the most excellent food when dealing with a prix fixe menu for a table of ten. Going there with just a friend and ordering off the menu might yield a different quality.

3) The chocolate sauce on this plate was deeply delicious, so clearly this place is capable of creating excellent chocolate things.

BOTTOM LINE: A disappointing chocolate experience at the end of an otherwise fantastic dinner.


  1. Leila: I have never known you to be too full to objectively judge the quality of chocolate.