Monday, December 17, 2012

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

We were not impressed by the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. We liked the concept. We liked the people who worked there. We liked the description of the thing we got. (The Gobbler: pumpkin butter and maple syrup, pie pieces, and whipped cream.)


The chocolate soft serve was just, well, soft serve. It wasn't particularly bad, but it was no better than any other soft serve we have ever had anywhere. And the toppings tasted cheap and pre-packaged. Which would have been disappointing enough, but then the price tag was $6.50. When you're paying $6.50 for a cup of ice cream, you really do not want toppings that taste like they just came out of a package.

The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop must appeal to some people's tastes, as I hear they are doing well enough to be opening up a second branch. But to our tastes, this sundae just was not as interesting as the store's concept or branding. Not even close.

BOTTOM LINE: Good enough soft serve, but nothing to write home about; overpriced for the quality you get.

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