Sunday, March 9, 2014

City Bakery Hot Chocolate Festival Round-Up

Last February we tried six out of the nineteen City Bakery Hot Chocolate Festival options. This February I didn't show quite as much dedication.

I only went to City Bakery this year for the Darkest Dark and the Cinnamon. I was a little disappointed by both. The Darkest Dark was actually too dark for me, which maybe I should have seen coming. It was better once I added in a marshmallow to sweeten it up a little.

The Cinnamon was good but didn't taste very strongly of cinnamon. I'd take the Chocolate Bar's spiced hot chocolate over this one, judging purely on cinnamon quality.

BOTTOM LINE: City Bakery's everyday, year-round hot chocolate is one of the best in the United States. Maybe you don't need to add cinnamon and make it darker and whatever. Maybe you don't need to improve on perfection.

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