Sunday, March 9, 2014


For the holidays, my amazing author Ame Dyckman (author of the wonderful picture book Tea Party Rules) gave me a Neuhaus gift collection.

It is hard for me to describe how amazing this gift collection was. It included delicious single origin bars:

And truffles:

The chocolate-covered biscuits, pictured below, were my second-favorite item in here. They reminded me a little of Nunu's chocolate-covered grahams, only these biscuits were even thinner and crunchier, so I think they worked even better than the Nunu version.

My most favorite item in here was this thing:

These bad boys are called "caprices." I don't know why. All I know is that they are amazing and not quite like anything else out there. They are dark chocolate on the outside, followed by a thin crispy shell, which is filled with thick vanilla cream. You can sort of see what's going on underneath all that chocolate here:

BOTTOM LINE: I recommend everything Neuhaus makes, but especially the caprice, which is very rich and so delightful.

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