Sunday, March 9, 2014

King's County Distillery Chocolate-Flavored Whiskey

I have now become a person who spends $25 on a 200ml bottle of whiskey. I know, I know. But I had to. For research. For chocolate. For you, our readers.

King's County Distillery makes this whiskey by infusing it with Mast Brothers chocolate. It's hard to imagine anything more artisanal, or more Brooklyn.

It was okay. I mean, I'm sure it was excellent whiskey, but I don't know very much about whiskey. I drank some on the rocks, and it pretty much just tasted like any other whiskey to me. (Sorry, knowledgable drinkers.) It wasn't very chocolatey and it certainly was not sweet. I poured my friend, Kendra, a glass, as well, and she didn't even finish hers.

Probably this would taste better if I mixed it in some sort of whiskey cocktail. I just didn't want to add in so many other flavors that I wasn't able to taste the chocolate in here. Then again, I wasn't really able to taste the chocolate in here no matter what, so I might as well try mixing it with milk and sugar and see what happens.

BOTTOM LINE: Quality whiskey is wasted on me. Even if it is infused with quality chocolate.

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