Tuesday, April 9, 2013


This blog has had a lot of discussion about our favorite candy.  Well, since childhood, this has been my pick:

It's surprising, because I'm normally a purist, but it's not TOO surprising, because it's extremely delicious.  And those Belgians really do know how to do hazelnut praline.

So I think over the years, Guylian has cut out the partially hydrogenated oils from this product.  I remember that being a leading ingredient when I was younger, but now the most unnatural thing seems to be vanillin.  Honestly, though, I don't even care what's in it, which is what makes it candy.  It is simply DELICIOUS.
I spent a month in Nairobi, and the pickings there were unsurprisingly slim.  But the Nakumatt -- think East African Walmart -- carried Guylian's, so I was safe.  They even had a decent dark chocolate bar -- unlike the sugarfree ones they offer in the US.  This is what I survived on when I was running out of my last fancy European bars and then a dog ate the remainder.

Bottom Line:  David's vote for best candy.


  1. Guylian seashells are fantastic; one of my absolute favourites.

    Many years ago on a rowing trip now lost to time and place and yet memorialized in the Air Hockey Hall of Fame (but that's another story), my friend Sergei and I painstakingly researched the secret to the perfect seashell. I shall share it with you now. The secret, is temperature. Woe to the person who eats a seashell that is cold! That seashell is hard and bleak and unforgiving. But shame to the person who eats a seashell that is too warm! It has melted, it has lost its essential seashell character, it has left a ridiculous, sticky residue everywhere. The wise man or woman eats a seashell that passes the pinch test. This is a seashell that keeps its shape. But lo! When it is squeezed between two fingers, this seashell deforms. It leaves a film of sweet, not-quite-chocolate-but-who-cares-so-delicious upon thy squeezing fingers. It is a seashell of the borders, the boundaries. About to lose its shape, but still whole. If you hold it too long it will melt. Be quick! It is the perfect seashell. Eat it, now.

  2. This is an important contribution to the post, and exactly why the blog format is a great thing. I wholeheartedly endorse this addendum.