Monday, April 22, 2013


Peacefoods is a well-respected vegan restaurant and bakery on the Upper West Side.  It's just a block down from Flor De Mayo -- maybe my favorite restaurant in the city -- so I often find myself here for dessert.

On a recent trip I picked up a chocolate chocolate chip cookie in addition to the brownie that I usually get.  The cookie honestly was not all that impressive, but the brownie is wonderful.  It's a great size -- about two or three bites -- and priced accordingly (less than $2).  Plus, if it wasn't obvious, it's vegan.

Bottom Line:  I honestly cannot think of a single reason to pass by Peacefoods without stopping in to grab a brownie.  I mean, even if you're being chased by the cops, maybe you can lose them by ducking in?

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