Monday, April 8, 2013

16 Hundles

16 Handles is a chain of frozen yogurt stores.  16 Hundles is apparently their branch in the East Village:

There is some case to be made that this says "16 Hindles," but I am 99% sure it says "Hundles."
Anyways, I'm usually an ice cream/gelato snob.  I don't much care for frozen yogurt.  But I went here with a friend, because why not.  Their yogurt was about as boring as expected.  But then this happened:

Cookie dough, mochi, chocolate chips, brownies, graham cracker crumbs, and hot fudge.

Ok, I get it now.  Sorry for doubting you, trendy frozen yogurt chain.

Bottom Line: I guess sometimes going the healthy route pays off.


  1. You know I can't walk by a 16 Hundles without going in. It's basically just some vague frozen base covered in every candy you can imagine, and you pay by the ounce, and get to call yourself "healthy." I swear by this place.

  2. I recently saw a 16 Handles when we drove by Court St in Cobble Hill area. It's not close by me but the next time we are in the area again I am definitely gonna try them out! I've only had them once but of all the froyos opening here, 16handles is on my top 5.

    1. The Court Street branch is especially nice. It is probably my favorite 16 Handles location (and I have been to a LOT of them).