Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Eddie's Sweet Shop

The weather this weekend was beautiful, and beautiful weather means one thing: ice cream. I was tromping around Forest Park, in Queens, an outdoor space that I selected for my tromping because of its proximity to Eddie's Sweet Shop.

This is what Eddie's Sweet Shop looks like:

It's close to a century old and has a wonderful old-fashioned vibe, complete with classic frozen concoctions like malts, egg creams, and massive banana splits heaped with homemade whipped cream. Apparently an episode of Boardwalk Empire was shot here. These dudes have been here since Eddie's opened:

I ordered a float, which is a milkshake of the flavor of your choice, poured atop a scoop of ice cream, again the flavor of your choice. I got a scoop of mint chocolate chip floating in a chocolate shake. You know, because I am so unpredictable. Here is what my float looked like when it arrived at my table:

Here is what my float looked like about ten minutes later:

I will say that the quality of the ice cream was okay. It wasn't intensely flavorful, like Fresco. It didn't have a lot of crazy flavors, like Ample Hills. "Maple Walnut" was about as crazy as it got, here at Eddie's.

But I forgave them all of this because they were not trying for the artisan food crowd. They predate that nonsense (nonsense that David and I fully embrace, obviously), and they may outlast it, as well. They're an old-fashioned soda shop. The place was filled with a elementary school girls' soccer team who'd just won a match, and parents who were getting scoops for their kids while buying giant sundaes for themselves. It's okay that the chocolate ice cream wasn't made from Michel Cluizel 72% or whatever. It still made me feel happy.

BOTTOM LINE: The ice cream itself is adequate, and the ice cream-eating experience is a true delight.


  1. How did it compare to Cabot's?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    1. I recall Cabot's as being way better. However, I haven't been to Cabot's in a decade. Clearly, I need to go back so I can properly compare and contrast.

    2. It's possible that our sentimentality is at play here but I think we should make a plan to go back and try anyway. We are nothing if not experimentalists.

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