Monday, September 9, 2013

Cinnamon Snail Chocolate Cookie Donut and Double Chocolate Brownie

I tried Cinnamon Snail twice since last time, but neither was quite as successful.

This brownie was chocolatey and rich, but too dry and crunchy.  If you like brownie edges, I definitely recommend it.  But I like gooey middles, so it wasn't for me.

This donut actually looks more chocolatey than the last one, but it isn't.  It's basically a regular donut with some chocolate cookie crumbs.  Still good, especially for vegan baked goods, but nothing like the last incredible donut.

Bottom Line: Stick to the Death by Chocolate donut, if it's available.  The brownie is good only for those who like things crispy, and the other donuts are still good, but as I like to say, good isn't good enough when greatness is around.

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