Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers is a brand-new, seasonal s'mores and hot chocolate shop that opened on Halloween in Park Slope.

As you know, I have tried many s'mores-related food products. None of them have ever compared to the experience of lighting a campfire and pulling out the Nabisco grahams, the Hershey's milk chocolate, and the jet-puffed marshmallows. Some things are just better non-artisanal. But that doesn't stop me from hoping.

In Winter Warmers, I have found my so-far favorite non-campfire s'more product. It does not succeed in replicating the campfire experience. But that's just fine because it's not trying to. It's doing something different.

First, you choose your cookies: graham crackers or homemade cookies? Next, you choose your marshmallow flavor from four different options. Then your chocolate: milk or dark? Finally, you can put on toppings from this wall of candy jars, which is an intriguing s'mores addition.

Then everything goes in an oven-like device for a moment, until it's all melty. Below you can see what Emily and I ate. We wanted something as far off from typical s'mores as possible, so we went with the homemade cookies, the pumpkin marshmallow, the dark chocolate, and some crushed nuts.


My one critique of this place was their hot chocolate. They offer three options: a pumpkin white chocolate (not interested--you know how I feel about white chocolate), a milk chocolate (you know my feelings on that as well), and a spiced dark chocolate, which was obviously what I went for.

The flavor and richness of the hot chocolate seemed good, but it was not warm enough, and they didn't have a way to heat it up any more when we asked. I am going to let this go, though, because I showed up on only their second day in business, which may be too soon to be making demands. I would re-order this hot chocolate at a later date, once they've figured out their temperature controls more.

BOTTOM LINE: Winter Warmers is only around until March, so don't wait! This is a great way to bring a summer campfire dessert into the winter months.

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