Thursday, November 21, 2013

Madecasse 80%

I typically don't love chocolate from Madagascar.  It's supposed to be extremely sought-after, but I have talked to many chocolate lovers recently who share my opinion.  Not naming names.

As a result, Madecasse has never been my favorite brand -- all their chocolate is from Madagascar.  But I decided to give them another shot.  They try to describe their flavors on their bars, which is a nice touch, so I picked out a bar that seemed less fruity.  This one did the trick.  Indeed, it did not taste quite so... Madagascar-y.  80% is a nice percentage, too, with just the right amount of sweetness.  The bar worked.  Obviously, if given the choice, I'd take a Venezuela origin bar over this, but anyone looking for a chocolatey, less-raisin-y, less cherry-y, less citrus-y, less... well.. Madagascar-y Madagascar bar can find a nice one here.

Bottom Line: Chocolate is great, and it's generally worthwhile to give things a chance.

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