Sunday, July 21, 2013

Coney's Cones

Summertime in New York City necessitates a trip down to Coney Island. The sun! The surf! The problem is that Coney Island has terrible ice cream options. Up until about two years ago, your only Coney Island ice cream options as far as the boardwalk could take you were 1) Mr. Softee trucks, and 2) soft serve. Soft serve is fine and all, but it is not real ice cream. And this is a problem because BEACH TIME MEANS ICE CREAM TIME.

Fortunately, a new ice cream option has opened, one that serves actual hard ice cream in a variety of actual flavors: Coney's Cones.

I will be honest with you: Coney's Cones has a lot of flaws. Here are some that I discovered today, when I was down there:

1) They offer only one chocolate-based flavor, and that is plain chocolate.
2) The chocolate ice cream is okay. It's nothing to write home about. It tastes like ice cream that is chocolate.
3) I ordered a chocolate and mint chip milkshake, and it was not as thick as a milkshake should be. They used a high milk-to-ice cream ratio, which is not cool. As I have mentioned before, the ideal milkshakes has a LOT of ice cream and very little milk and syrup. That's what gives it the right texture.

So clearly you should not journey down to Coney Island just to taste this ice cream. Nonetheless, it is far and away the best ice cream I have ever found in Coney Island, or indeed even on the entire bike ride down to Coney Island, on which you pass some Carvels and that's about it. If you can suggest other or better Coney Island ice creameries, I would love to know about them, but until then I must deem this:

BOTTOM LINE: The best ice cream option in Coney Island. And it is impossible to go to Coney Island and not require ice cream.

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