Sunday, July 7, 2013

FIG, in Charleston, South Carolina

I went on a trip to Charleston, South Carolina, where I was lucky enough to get dinner at this crazy-excellent restaurant called FIG (which stands for Food Is Good).

FIG is the sort of restaurant where we paid $15 for a caprese salad and it was worth every penny. This is the sort of caprese salad that I will be talking about for months to come. This is the sort of restaurant where you have to try a bite of every dish at the table, because everything is the best possible version of itself. Like, if you think you might like gnocchi, then you have to try a bite of someone's gnocchi, at which point you will discover that you love gnocchi.

Anyway. This is not a gnocchi blog. This is a chocolate blog.

Here are the two chocolate desserts on offer at FIG:

1) Torta caprese, with amaretto ice cream and strawberry coulis

The bottom layer, as perhaps you can see, is a thin chocolate-nut cake. Celiac-sufferers, take note: that thing has no wheat in it! I feel like I could make that. Maybe for Passover next year. Mine would not be as delicious as FIG's, of course. And it would not be topped with amaretto ice cream. It would be topped with chocolate ice cream. Obviously.

2) Chocolate-hazelnut budino, with olive oil croutons, caramel, and sea salt

This was my personal preference out of the two, though really you cannot go wrong with either. Our waiter was very clever, and she told us to make sure to dip our spoons all the way down to the bottom every single time, to get the perfect balance of caramel and chocolate-hazelnut in each bite. She was completely correct in her advice and now I would like her to advise me on every other endeavor in my life, like maybe how I should invest my money.

BOTTOM LINE: One of the best restaurants in Charleston, South Carolina. Possibly, based on their well-deserved press coverage, even one of the best restaurants in the American South, but I cannot speak to that personally because I haven't been to many restaurants in the South. Usually I am just in New York.

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