Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nibs Cacao and ChokoCafe, Berlin

Nibs Cacao:

I went from Zurich to Berlin basically just to see a show.  I didn't really have any sort of plan, place to stay, or list of things to do.  I basically had one address written down, which was for Nibs Cacao, because I had heard they had amazing Spanish chocolate and churros.

They did.  So I don't really know if Spanish chocolate counts as a drink -- it's served in a cup, but it's served with a spoon.  But if it does count as a drink, this is one of the best chocolate drinks in the world.  It is unbelievably thick.  Thicker than City Bakery or DT Works (RIP) or Angelina (review pending).  And the churros were warm, soft, sweet, and otherwise just the perfect vehicle for soaking up whatever chocolate one does not feel like guzzling down straight up.

Nibs Cacao also sold chocolate bars.  I was still not over my pumpkin phase, being still early December at the time, so I got a Berger-brand milk chocolate bar with pumpkin and pumpkin seeds.  Berger seems to be the chocolate-producing imprint of mgm Group Corporation, based in Zurich.

it's so obvious which pictures were taken in the car, with my camera phone...

It wasn't pumpkiny enough for me, but I love pumpkin seeds in chocolate, so the seeds were a nice touch.  Overall, excellent quality milk chocolate + pumpkin is not really something to complain about.  A delicious experience.

I also purchased a Domori-brand, 70% Venezuelan-origin bar, made of pure crillollo beans.  I bought a lot of Venezuelan chocolate on this trip, and I didn't eat this on the spot, so when I busted it out later, it didn't really stick out in my mind as too exciting.

for example, this one

But when I bit in, I was totally blown away.  It's one of the chocolatiest 70% bars I've ever had, while still retaining the great Venezuelan, crillollo-supplied brightness I love bout Venezuelan chocolate.  This bar is a true masterpiece.  My only criticism is that it was too small.  Fortunately, it seems to be available at The Meadow, so I will be able to buy more anytime!


Walking to Nibs Cacao, I passed by a chocolate cafe, cleverly called Chokocafe.  I had plenty of time to kill, so I decided to follow up my Spanish chocolate with something a little less thick and a little less sweet, ordering the darkest chocolate hot chocolate on their menu.  It was perfect.  Just look at this picture:

yuppytime in west berlin before partytime in east berlin
I feel serene just looking at this photo

Can you imagine a better way to kill an hour?  I put it to you that you cannot.

Bottom Line:  I did no go to Berlin prepared for a comprehensive chocolate experience, but left with a totally memorable one.  It was the city I felt I left most unexplored and to which I most wanted to return, for reasons including but not limited to chocolate.  A city where worthwhile things are happening.

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