Tuesday, January 7, 2014

one week until our first birthday party!

Chocolate NYC's one-year birthday bash is at the Bell House in Gowanus, Brooklyn, exactly one week from today, and we are getting really excited.

My room is filling up with boxes of chocolate that will all be available to taste at the party. Apparently there's going to be a raffle. We're making "ballots" so you can take notes on what you're eating and write in support of the chocolates you like best. Tonight we had an awesome meeting with a representative from Equal Exchange, who was walking us through the chocolates that they will be providing to the event.

And amazing media attention is coming in! Read about the event here:

Brooklyn Based
The Brooklyn Paper
Tine Out New York (we're a critic's pick!)

We have a lot to pull together over the next week, but it's going to be worth it, because, guys, at the end, there is going to be soooo much chocolate.

If you haven't yet bought your ticket, just do it.


  1. I just had a couple of nonpareils in your honor!

  2. were they unparalleled as promised?

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