Thursday, January 16, 2014

Chapon 70% Cuba and Michel Cluizel 99%

Having friends in Paris is a real blessing.  They bring such lovely gifts:

If you remember when I went to Paris, I stopped by both Michel Cluizel and Chapon.  I had already been a big fan of Cluizel, as they have an NYC store.  I'd been going there most especially for their 99% dark chocolate bonbon since its old days inside ABC Carpet -- it has since moved to the vicinity of Rockefeller Center.  Chapon, on the other hand, is basically impossible to get in NYC.  They don't even deliver to America, as far as I can tell.  But Chapon was my #1 favorite chocolatier in all of Paris, when I visited.

Anyways, here are two things I had not tried before.  99% chocolate bars are intense, no matter who you are, and the Cluizel version was not quite an exception.  But I will say that it was more palatable than most, and I definitely enjoyed it.  This is what they use to cover their 99% bonbon, so it was fun eating it in isolation.

The Chapon bar -- first of all -- was beautiful (like all their bars).  This was of Cuban origin, which is somewhat harder-to-find.  I am continually impressed by Chapon's ability to make all of their bars both interesting and delicious.  As many of you know, I can get skeptical of "interesting" flavors in chocolate, because I just want things to taste like chocolate, but Chapon knows how to get interesting flavors without compromising chocolatey-ness.  Another really great bar.

Bottom Line: Start making friends who live in Paris.

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