Monday, January 20, 2014

Chocolate Party!!

As many of you know, our first birthday party was last week.  It looked like this:

We had nine tasting tables set up, including percentages:


mint, milk:

baking supplies:

local chocolates:

chocolate-covered products:

bars with stuff-in-them:

and truffles and bonbons:

 There was even a raffle!:

People stocked up pretty nicely:

And subsequently made themselves a little sick, chocolate-drunk, or both.

Looking at the surveys, some of the most popular items were the Zoe barks and bonbons, the Li-Lac marzipan acorns and hazelnut truffles, all the Kopali chocolate-covered items, the Christopher Elbow Honey Spice bonbon (bought at 2Beans), the Beschle 88% dark chocolate bar (bought at 2Beans), the Fine & Raw Truffle Chunky bar, and the Equal Exchange Lemon Ginger Black Pepper bar.

The most controversial items (lots of lovers and skeptics), somewhat unsurprisingly, were the Pacari Raw 100% chocolate bar and the Al Nassma Camel's Milk bar (bought at 2Beans).

Alyssa Tanchajja took all these amazing photos for us, including this one of a great friend of the blog sampling the fan-favorite Li-Lac marzipan acorns:

We had a great time, and we hope you did too!

Thanks so much to our sponsors!

Bottom Line: Stick with us.

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