Monday, October 21, 2013

Raw Ice Cream Company Vegan Chocolate Ice Crean

So, I'm not gonna lie.  This doesn't taste quite like normal ice cream.  I'm not really sure how to describe it.  Actually, I do know how to describe it: it tastes like cheap ice cream.  Like Breyers or something.  Only, very bizarrely... kind of delicious?  And also much more expensive.  Of course.

The thing to note is that it is very chocolatey considering that it is not sorbet and considering that it is a fairly light shade of brown, indicating a high "cream"-to-chocolate ratio.  I had a non-vegan friend try it with me, and she confirmed that it was surprisingly good.

Bottom Line: If you want a chocolatey frozen treat, and you see this, you will probably be very happy.  But do not take a bite expecting regular ice cream.  Take a bite expecting Breyers, and you will be pleasantly surprised.  

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