Saturday, June 29, 2013

Clinton Street Baking Company: the Brookie

You may recall that we have visited Clinton Street Baking Company previously, last time for Pancake Month. But even when it's not February, there are very good reasons to go there.

One very good reason is this: the Brookie. I saw it and said the the store clerk, "It's a mix between a brownie and a cookie, right?" She said, "You are the only person to have figured that out just by looking at the name!" Privately, I thought: everyone else is not paying enough attention.

The Brookie is that all-brown one in the middle. See it?

The Brookie is everything you would want from a brownie-cookie hybrid. It's extremely moist, like brownie dough that has been cooked just barely long enough. Moist to the point where it practically falls apart in your hand. It has melty chocolate chips in it, like a chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven. It costs $2.50, which is completely within my chocolate budget and actually sounds like something I could/should afford every day.

BOTTOM LINE: Better than a brownie. Better than a cookie. It's a Brookie.

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