Sunday, June 30, 2013

Building On Bond

Building on Bond serves delightful American fare and specialty cocktails. However, their printed menu does not tell you what dessert options they have available. So I took a risk and went in blind.

It turned out they did not offer any very chocolatey dessert options, so I just asked for whatever was most chocolatey. Ten minutes later, they brought me a fresh-baked, still-warm oatmeal chocolate chip cookie in a mini-skillet:

They got a lot of use out of the mini-skillets at this restaurant. Earlier in the meal, they had used one for some mini-mac-and-cheese. As I said: delightful.

Anyway, the cookie was enjoyable as it was still warm and the chocolate chips were all melty. It cost $4, which seems reasonable for a fresh-baked dessert in a nice restaurant. It was not chocolatey enough. But what else is new?

BOTTOM LINE: Delicious dinner and pleasant dessert, but not the place to go to seek out an intense chocolate experience.

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