Friday, February 21, 2014

Floss Halva

So our friend Emily went to Turkey or someplace (package indicates Turkey rather than someplace) and picked up some Floss Halva.  She swears by it.  Leila and I don't.

It is sort of like a cross between chocolate-covered halva and chocolate-covered cotton candy and chocolate-covered sweetened plasticwax.  Leila spat it right out.  I didn't, but I did notice the subtle hints of vomit to go along with the heavy refined sugar taste.  Emily assures us that it must be this brand -- whatever brand this is.  She said that it is usually better.  Maybe that is the case.  If you are in Turkey, though, maybe go with the chocolate baklava from Gulluoglu instead (not available in the NYC store -- I checked).

Bottom Line: Nah

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