Friday, February 21, 2014

Enchanted Chocolates 70%, Chilmark Chocolates Dark Bar, and Roh-Kaolade 50% Mild with Dates and Other Stuff

My parents came back from three trips and bought me three bars, of which two are pictured here:

Actually, those are just the wrappers.  I ate them too quickly.  SORRY.

I've reviewed Roh-Kaolade before, and I preferred the 60% bar with spirulina to the 50% with dried fruits (i.e. trockenfruchts).  The spirulina bar was weird and interesting, while the 50% was just a bit too sweet, and the trockenfructs only made the problem worse.  I mean, still chocolate.  But sweet chocolate, and with fruit.  Tockenfrucht.  

Martha's Vineyard-based Enchanted Chocolates, creators of the "Dark Vader" 70% bar "made with Magick & Love," is better at chocolate than at spelling.  I mean, nothing about this bar is fancy.  There is a pretty good chance it's just re-tempered Valrhona or something.  I am not sure.  Maybe not.  In any case, it was good.  It tasted like chocolate.  Sort of candy-ish chocolate, but what do you expect?

The Chilmark Chocolates bar was the best of the bunch.  Also Martha's Vineyard-based, Chilmark Chocolates is a store that constantly has a line out the door whenever it's open.  It's the premiere chocolatier up there, but it's nothing too fancy, in reality.  But that does not mean it's not good.  They get a surprisingly rich flavor out of whatever-it-is that they use.  Their chocolates (bonbons etc.) are what they are known for, and they are really quite delicious, but their dark bar does the job.

Bottom Line: If you're on Martha's Vineyard, Chilmark Chocolates are definitely worth a try.  Just get someone else to wait on line for you.

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