Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Mom's Flourless Chocolate Cake

So my mom makes a flourless chocolate cake.  A parve flourless chocolate cake.  And it is seriously among the world's greatest chocolate products.  When photographed by a terrible photographer using the world's worst camera phone, it looks like this:


The recipe can be found here.  Now the secret is out.

One time I tried to make a vegan version of this cake for a friend.  Instead of eggs, I tried using flax and water.  Smart idea.  What I didn't know was that to use that combination to replace eggs, the two must be very vigorously stirred together until they form an egg-like consistency.  So instead I half-heartedly stirred them and threw them into the mix.

So anyways, that is a story about how I boiled a cake.

Bottom Line: I don't even try to bake anymore.  But you should, using this recipe.

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