Monday, March 4, 2013

Chocolate Door, Chapel Hill

I flew from Belgium to Atlanta, and quickly hitched a ride up to North Carolina to hear some crazy people preach the good word.  I met up with our Favorite Commenter, who tipped me off that there was an excellent chocolate shop next door!  It was closed that evening, but I made sure to stop by the next morning before our drive to DC.

everything inside of here was delicious.

We arrived just before it opened, and they were in no mood to let me in a few minutes early, despite that we were on our way out of town.  We waited, and once they opened up they sort of unceramoniously gave me a box of some remarkably exquisite bon bons.  I felt like I was back in France, both from the quality and the unfriendliness!  What a perfect segue back to the US.

I also discovered that the shop was to close in less than two weeks time, which I understand it has since done.  So this review is basically just to rub in your face that even after my return to the US I was eating delicious chocolate that you can't have.

Bottom Line: If they had been a little nicer, I'd be quite broken up about the fact that they no longer exist.

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